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IOTA by E-Mail to send and Receive thanks to Delion

IOTA by E-Mail to send and Receive thanks to Delion

Home News IOTA by E-Mail to send and Receive thanks to Delion

Marcel Knobloch –

The adaptation of crypto currencies contributes significantly to increasing the confidence in the technology as well as the dissemination among the masses. A software developer wants to make IOTA and its Tangle-technology for the masses to use and has developed a Service that IOTA by Mail can be sent.

The German crypto-currency, IOTA not used Blockchain, but relies on the so-called Tangle-Protocol. Until last year, there were for the storage of only the very error-prone IOTA Light Wallet that already some users of sleepless nights brought, and the software environment target of Phishing-attacks.

In order to make IOTA available to the masses has set a German developer, Malik Dakdaki, with the Software and API developed with the help of IOTA to a mail address can be sent. The founder of delion is based on the payment service PayPal, which is already one of the world’s largest payment service providers.

By the Start of the “delion” Beta API user of this service can send IOTA by e-Mail to other delion-users. After the transaction has been successfully confirmed in the Tangle, both parties will receive a confirmation in your mail Inbox.

Dadaki that the great advantage of its API consists in the fact that not every time a new receiving address must be generated, but can be maintained (freely translated):

The usual way to get paid is to post a receiving address for IOTA, to which the buyer sends the money. As soon as the money arrived, and the receiving address to a public address has been transferred, must be changed to the public address for the recipient.

Through the use of the API, this could be a thing of the past, since delion combines a unique receiving address with a mail address and all of the IOTA-deposits will be sent to this address. The only data required to Generate a unique mail address which is then associated with a IOTA account.

Since the product is still in the development phase, remains to be seen whether the project will ultimately succeed.

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