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Huobi: bit of hanky-panky with the EOS-Voting?

The crypto exchange Huobi is suspected to have the vote on the 21 Block Producer (BP) for the EOS-Blockchain with other Voters agreed. A Leak under the exchange provides, among other things, the purchase of votes.

A whale washes the other – at least when it comes to the voting behavior of the crypto-exchange Houbi. This impression of a Recently geleaktes document was first published by EOSONE awakened. In the case of the copyright of the table it should be with Shi Feifei an employee of the crypto-exchange.

EOS has long been the subject of criticism, due to his Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) to have strong centralist tendencies. Unlike crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, in which (at least in theory) any Miner can operate, for EOS only 21 so-called “Block Producer”. Who may ultimately range EOS mines, and the due rewards once it is allowed to vote, in principle, everyone, the EOS holds the Token. The more tokens you hold, the greater the weight of the voice. So far, So fair – you might think. Unfair as it is, if the “Big” to begin, each other, discuss and mutually, in their role as a Block Producer to confirm.

Exactly one of the allegations arising from the Leak. Accordingly, Huobi’ve given for 16 of the 20 selected BPs to those of the voice, which agreed in return for the stock market. In addition, three of the available block producers Houbi to have bought Votes. The BP eosiosg11111 to have secured themselves against every day 170 EOS and cochainworld for 150 EOS, the voice of the stock exchange. In eospaceieos a participation of the Mining revenue in the amount of 50 per cent is in the room.

Huobi is said to have the agreements, a daily extra income in the amount of approximately 1.116 EOS – 5,400 Euro.

EOS – the government darling?

According to a Tweet from cnLedger Huobi business denies the existence of relations with the involved BPs, however without questioning the authenticity of the Leaks in question:

On their website, the crypto-exchange has taken, however, of any comments.

In addition to the manipulation allegations further concerns. These relate primarily to the aspect of centralization. So the half of the block production is located almost in Chinese hands. This should ideally be geographically, organizationally, and politically balanced. With the focus on China is a large question mark behind this balance. Moreover, EOS is the Chinese government – at least according to the monthly CCID-Ranking. The Hodler, who is accustomed to Rankings in accordance Marktkapitalsiserung à la Coinmarketcap, here’s an unusual picture: EOS is ranked in the CCID constant rank one, while Bitcoin, otherwise, the “table leader”, is languishing in the midfield. As the CCID-Ranking, appeared for the first time, it was already speculated about the Favoring of the EOS. Here, the suspicion was voiced that the Central might come of tendencies of the EOS of the Chinese government to Pass. The current Vowürfe against Huobi would fit well in this picture.

Vitalik Buterin spoke to the Causa Huobi. On Twitter, the Ethereum scoffed Creator:

“Interesting! I mean, it was completely predictable and I’ve seen it before, but I didn’t think it would happen so thoroughly and so promptly!“

Buterin took advantage of the occasion to make against the Delegated-Proof-of-Stake concept mood:

“[…] Each [DPOS]-Chain […] is prone to ‘I’ll vote for your Crap project, you agree for my Kack-project’.”

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