Hilde De Baerdemaeker launches yogacollectie

Hilde De Baerdemaeker launches yogacollectie

Pressure you on break? The brand new Belgian yogacollectie of actress Hilde De Baerdemaeker and designer Katrien Smets encourages you to arranged a breather in between your busy existence. From the beginning of October you will find the designer yogawear, Play Pause, a natural connection, excluding in 21 A. S. Adventure stores and 5 JUTTU-shops.

Designer Katrien Smets and actress Hilde De Baerdemaeker met each other two years ago in a yogaretreat in Marrakesh. They dreamed of a sustainable yogacollectie at A. S. Adventure, wanted to launch. It was not a dream, they worked a 16-tal design: a stylish jumpsuit and sleek body to a comfy tank top and versatile T-shirt.

Together with a Portuguese manufacturer, they put a maximum on sustainability and a fair in europe, with as much as possible natural materials such as tencel and bio-cotton.
A. S. Adventure and JUTTU, both brands within the Belgian Retail Concepts, were very enthusiastic about this conscious yogacollectie and put their shoulders under this beautiful Belgian project. The philosophy behind this new brand, connect perfectly with the values and standards of both concepts.

Play Pause, a natural connection is relaxion wear for every size and shape in iconic black and grey. The timeless outfits sit like a glove for every woman, and feel very soft, like a second skin. This designer yogawear is as stylish as comfortable. Bet you they are not only on but also beside the yoga mat wants to wear?
With the name Play Pause, a natural connection point Katrien and Hilde to their connection, their common love for nature and a sustainable lifestyle. Play is for female enterpreneurship and women empowerment. Playful and powerful. Pause is a symbol for mindfulness, yoga, meditation… stand if it is necessary. Because each woman a break deserves in her busy life.

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