Finnish ex-prime minister challenges Weber from about Orban

Alexander Stubb, has the ambition to Spitzenkandidaat on behalf of the EPP to be. He plays his experience and tougher stance against Orban out against his German rival.

At their conference in Helsinki on 7 and 8 november, the European christian democrats, the choice between the two characters as their candidate to Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the Commission: Manfred Weber and Alexander Stubb.

The Finnish politician may his rich career, playing against the German leader of the EPP in the European Parliament, who was never an executive mandate held. Stubb, an experienced triathlete, was minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance, and premier of his country. Since August of 2017, he is vice-president of the European investment Bank.

He tries also to distinguish it from Weber by a harder position to take on Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary and ‘enfant terrible’ within the EPP.

In an interview with the Financial Times calls Stubb a debate in Helsinki on the expulsion of Fidesz (the party of Orban) from the EPP. ‘Either they are with us, either they go out. The rules must be followed, ” says Stubb.

But those that write rules that an eviction is only possible if seven parties from five different countries questions. Weber leaves the door still open for Orban and gives him another chance to the controversial legislation on ngos, and the Open European University review.

Macron as an ally

“More than ever we need a strong defense of the European values”, says Stubb in his letter that his candidacy is announced. He also calls for more solidarity on migration and the governance of the euro area, and doesn’t mean that he is in Emmanuel Macron’s ally – even though the French president with a new pro-European movement, which the liberals would come up. “It is not because he is not part of the EPP that he is not one of us’, says Stubb in the FT.

The chance that he gets from Weber, is rather small. The German has over the last few weeks all a lot of endorsements won, among others, to chancellor Angela Merkel and Orban. What is also in Stubbs disadvantage can play, is his defence of the European austerity policies after the outbreak of the financial crisis.

Barnier keeps himself ready

The Frenchman Michel Barnier, who is the Brexit negotiations leads on behalf of the EU, announced Friday that he no Spitzenkandidaat on behalf of the EPP. He wants to concentrate on his current task. But Barnier said not that he is not the chairman of the Commission wants it to be. According to sources within the EPP hopes Barnier that one sooner or later with him, true as it appears that the European leaders refuse Spitzenkandidaat to nominate as the successor of Juncker, or if Weber is no majority support within the European Parliament.

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