Ferry breakdown on the Baltic sea sails further

VILNIUS – The ferry, by a defect got in trouble on the Baltic sea, after a few hours of his journey resumed. The Regina Seaways is sailing to the final destination in Lithuania, reports the ministry of Defence in that Baltic state.

The ship, 294 passengers and 41 crew members on board, sent earlier in the day a distress signal. There was a power outage after an incident in the engine room. A spokesman for the shipping company says smoke was observed, but no flames.

There is no known fire has broken out, as was previously reported by the Lithuanian armed forces. Who claimed that there was an explosion on board. The army sent a helicopter and several navy vessels in the direction of the ship, and from Kiel, germany course had been to Klaipeda in Lithuania.

The rescue service of the army stated that on board the ferry, there was no panic or victims. Passengers gathered as a precaution, on special points, so they evacuated could be. That turned out not to be necessary. The crew of the vessel got the engine after about four hours to work again.

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