FBI agent gets hurt in the house with booby traps: ‘It seemed like a Indiana Jones movie

In the United States a man sued after an FBI agent in his home was shot by a wheelchair of which a booby trap had been made. The property of the defendant was full of those traps.

The 66-year-old Gregory Rodvelt in the U.S. have been sued for violence against a federal police officer. An FBI agent got hurt when he after a call, the home invaded of Rodvelt in Williams, a small village in the state of Oregon.

A real estate agent that the house had to sell after Rodvelt was buitengezet in an earlier lawsuit, had the police called. Upon arrival, met the agents in the garden a hot tub that is on the side lag. It was so manipulated that it fell over on the person who is a struikeldraad hit.

An FBI agent who was part of the ontmijningsdienst, got past the hot tub and blew out the reinforced front door open. Inside was a wheelchair so equipped that there is ammunition from a shotgun with shot. The agent was hit in his leg.

On the domain were also other booby traps, including spike strip hits found. ‘It seemed like a scene from the film ‘Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark’, referred the police report to the adventure movie where the explorer one perilous obstacle after another the head has to offer.

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