Ewan McGregor wants to lower pay maintenance

McGregor takes the payments which he monthly does a lot to high.

Ewan McGregor has to his ex, Eve Mavrakis, was asked whether the amount that he pays for the livelihood of their four daughter down. According to McGregor, he pays voluntarily in that costs and is the amount that a monthly pass is much too high.

McGregor and Winstead went earlier this year. Mary Elizabeth has a point behind the relationship. For Eve, who for 22 years was married to Ewan, came the break as a surprise. Ewan and Eve have together four daughters. Now, McGregor is still only a ‘fair share’ to pay.

According to documents in the hands of The Blast, have Ewan and Eve a joint document on their separation signed stating that McGregor payments for his ex and the children will do.

After last years rumour spread infidelity, it became clear that the actor is madly in had turned on his tegenspeelster from the series Fargo. He decided on this house and hearth, to leave, to be with his new sweetheart along to go live.

Eve called their separation ‘disappointing’. Mary Elizabeth put her man on the side, with Ewan to continue.

Meanwhile, one of the daughters of the couple, Clara McGregor, her apology for an angry outburst towards her father, last month in the British newspaper The Times. “It was not mature, not my finest hour. I have issues personally with my father is resolved.”

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