Charlotte Leysen and Alice on the Roof writing sinterklaasboek

Charlotte Leysen and Alice on the Roof writing sinterklaasboek

After Louis Talpe and Julie Taton in 2017, this year it is on Ketnet wrapster Charlotte Leysen and singer Alice on the Roof (Alice Dutoit) to each their own sinterklaasverhaal to write. After the success of the (for)books last year, Unilever also this year again two of sinterklaasboeken that from October 17 available for free at the Hypermarkets Carrefour and Carrefour Market.

Charlotte Leysen (20) feels honored that she is asked to sinterklaasboek to write. As wrapster she feels closely connected with children and young people. “I’ve often teruggedacht to how I used to fantasized about Sinterklaas and his helpers. That found and find me such a fun party. It feels fantastic to have those fantasies now on paper. I found it very pleasant to work with on this book.”

Also pop star Alice on the Roof (23), in 2014 the semi final of The Voice Belgique obtained, was a lot of fun writing her book: “The funniest I found again in the minds of the children to crawl,” says the singer. “Where dreams are they, where are they thinking of? And teruggedacht to how I used to as a child. I’m very curious about the reactions.”
It promises to be a busy autumn, as the singer brings in addition to her own book, a brand new album out that they Sinterklaasdag (6/12) proposes in Vorst Nationaal.

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