’Carice you can walk down’

Frank Lammers (l.) with fellow jury members actress Isa Hoes and director Tim Oliehoek.

“The filmwereldje is formed on the training,” says the seasoned actor. “After that their people deliver, there is never someone. Are you looking for an 80-year-old? Then you have the choice of Bram van der Vlugt and Bram van der Vlugt.”

“Well okay, and Frits Lambrechts,” he continues, “but then you’ve had. So I sincerely hope that movie Star search (M/f) ensures that there will all new faces. Otherwise we never even new colleagues.”

Candidates had a home-made video in send them a well-known scene re-enact from a successful film or series. Who was selected, was then at home, beset by a well-known actor with the challenge to out together a famous scene.

The first three broadcasts consist of auditions, after which the best six candidates will proceed to the next round. They should be on the road to the final proved themselves in a variety of popular genres: from comedy and sketch to the drama and crime. The final winner will actually have a role in a Dutch movie or series.

According to Lammers ensure smartphones sure that almost everyone has a feature film can make. “That makes you only, of course, not yet a movie star. That you have a song in your phone, you can sing also places you, not on one line with Michael Jackson.”


Lammers warns the participants (“anything between 20 and 65 years old,”) that they were the effect of the program should not overdo it. “There will be a reason for that, it never is with veertigjarigen suddenly going to be acting, right? This program also makes you not over night a star. A great actor you will become through the years, by meters.”

Young actors, he wants to say that they don’t want acting to become famous. “Do it as a passion and be willing to work hard to develop yourself and to develop. If I’m honest, I would as a young Frankje Lammers never had this program to have participated. But then I have never had the desire to become famous. Just go follow a course. If you can, then it’ll come out.”


However, he wants no one the hope of depriving a glittering Hollywood career before the program was even broadcast. “Clint Eastwood, for example, has only two facial expressions – one with, and one without a hat. And I think a lot of people Dutch actress Carice van Houten on the street over would walk, but the tv pops off each other as they are to see. Film requires different things of an actor than drama, and sometimes you have little need to show it.”

At the time of this interview had to be the last shooting to happen. But Lammers has the magic already. “I have an idea of who is going to win, yes,” he says, after a surprised reaction on to add: “all of Holland bakes do you know also that at a given moment or how the cards are shuffled?”

“Well, it’s still television. Even though you are the biggest winner, as your cake in the semi-finals burns, you lie there still. But in principle, I know for whom this program is going to win. I just need my colleague-judges, ed.) Tim Oliehoek and Isa Hoes be easy to convince.”

Lammers took the jurylidmaatschap a beautiful experience. “All you actually must not go looking for a movie star, but to the talent that you can train to be a film actor or actress. It is so much fun to shoot scenes with the candidates to analyze. Especially with Tim and Isa next to me. That always have something meaningful to contribute, there I am as an actor as well.”

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