(Can)Ye West set to release new album

Ye West, better known as Kanye West has never been averse to a little controversy. After his eulogy on Donald Trump last weekend, he gets the news. He sets his last album, ‘Yandhi’ until 23 november, not coincidentally, the ‘Black Friday’.

West performed last weekend during the popular tv programme ‘Saturday Night Live’, where he his new album ‘Yandhi’ promoted. Except a pro-Trump-speech-there was still something on. After the show there was no album available and not the day after. In an interview with TMZ clarified he is the one and the other.

“The album was just not ready. I go in two weeks to Africa, back to my roots. The same roots that I also want to let you hear in ‘Yandhi’. I also want my children to be present in the studio are so they are the natural sounds they can hear.”

Although there is a lot of criticism is on the decision, there is certainly one someone who unconditionally supports his wife Kim Kardashian. On social media, which sounds less positive. “Is he sometimes of his medications?”, someone wrote on Twitter.

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