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BV’s come on against online hate

Since last Sunday to share numerous well-known Flemish people a picture of herself with crossed arms on their social channels, to get the emoji to bring attention. Only today it became clear that the action of Make Belgium Great Again. Many stars are calling upon everyone to use the emoji to respond to online haatberichten and a halt.

Koen Wauters, An Lemmens, Staf Coppens, Laura Tesoro, Michael Peel, Sven De Leijer, Ruth Beeckmans, Sieg De Doncker, Freek Braeckman, Jill Peeters, actors from Home and Family, radio djs, politicians and many others put their shoulders under the action.

Because everyone is now on social media, but not always with equally good intentions. Online hate is one of the problems of this time. “Such comments do always in pain, even though you are there as a familiar face might be prepared or there are people beside you who support you’, responds Staf Coppens. “But how bad is that for young guests at school post something and crap all over him? They are not prepared and when there comes to them that is really directly within. There you can really very unhappy.”

Respond with an emoji

Also Frances Lefebure and Nora Gharib on Tuesday, 2 October 2018 tackled the problem Tuesday, in ‘Make Belgium Great Again’. They did that by unsuspecting passers-by with the nose on the facts to press, and with the launch of an emoji as a response to online hate. Because react is what everyone, according to the experts should do.

“People should be on it, but don’t necessarily know how”, adds Frances Lefebure. “An emoji is very easy for. You provokes no discussion, but you do have an endorsement. You let a simple way to see that you do not agree.’

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