Boris Johnson calls on party members to Theresa May to support

The British ex-minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson has his followers Tuesday called for prime minister Theresa May to support in the negotiations about the Brexit. Messages to British media.

Johnson took over in July resigned from the government-May out of dissatisfaction with the ‘Chequers-plan’ for the Brexit, but now it’s so not far that he May out of her official residence, wants to dispel by itself the premiership. On the contrary, Johnson asks his ‘friends in the government to Theresa May in the best possible way to support’ in the final stage of the negotiations.

During his speech at the congress in Birmingham showed Johnson is very critical for ‘Chequers’. He asks May to her ‘original plan’, which amounts to saying that the United Kingdom, the European customs union and the single market completely exit. Johnson shows itself as an unequivocal supporter of a hard Brexit. As also May such a Brexit choose, deserves the support of the Tories, said Johnson.

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