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Book fair gets a facelift

The book Fair, which is in its 82nd edition, get an update. And launched a new literary prize.

On October 28, opens the book Fair and the doors in Antwerp Expo. Organizer Book.be aware that there is wear on the formula was, and it announces a vernieuwingsoperatie that in 2020 must be completed.

‘The perception has grown that the book Fair a kookboekenbeurs, ” says managing director Alexis Dragonetti. ‘That is not consistent with the reality. There are 5,000 funds available, along with cookbooks, but also with literature, poetry, children’s books and non-fiction. The theme of the fair is “Word to Word”. We want the debate and the content forward.’

Pretty custom
In that light, went to the book Fair and a lot of new partnerships, with inter alia, the KU Leuven and the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Antwerp. The RITCS brings daily Book-tv, the VRT sets in twelve live broadcasts of the ‘Long we will be reading’awards central. There was also a Book.be a collaboration with the Brussels Foire du Livre: both fairs invite each other’s audience.

Also, visually, there will be a change. Over the next eight years is the outdated Antwerp Expo fully updated, that was a condition of the Book.be to in that location remain. Digital displays inform the visitor, a Kinderroute and the Art must be a pretty tailor-made offer.

Talent show
The Debuutprijs, which was traditionally awarded at the beginning of the stock market, is not there anymore. But Book.be calls together with the bank Fintro has a price in life. The Fintro Price Exciting Books awarded to a manuscript by a Flemish author who never had a book published with a recognized publisher. The winner receives a modest cash prize – $ 1,000 – but the real trophy is that the book is published by a professional publisher. This year, that is by the Publisher. The price is now going to be an exciting book, but the genre can of year-to-year change, says Dragonetti.

Book.be hopes to have 150,000 visitors. The book Fair runs until november 11. 5, 6 and 7 november, it is closed

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