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BitTorrent users want to pay for Seeding with TRON (TRX)

BitTorrent users want to pay for Seeding with TRON (TRX)

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Marcel Knobloch –

TRON has demoralize to the Flag of the World-Wide written Web to discreet and the users of the rights to your data back. A crucial step is the purchase of Content-Sharing platform BitTorrent, the middle of this year. The founder of TRON has now announced that all users of the platform will be paid for the Seeding in TRX.

The world’s largest File-Sharing platform, with over 100 million users worldwide, BitTorrent, has announced that users can pay for faster Downloads and user, which provide a greater bandwidth, are obtained for Seeding in the future, TRX. This Statement of the chief developer of the project Atlas, Justin Knoll, announced.

Knoll points out that BitTorrent had already been offered prior to the Acquisition of TRON users of BitTorrent, the incentive for the Uploader/Seeder, by providing higher speeds. A few days ago, the founder of TRON, Justin Sun language, to implement a token-based Ecosystem within BitTorrent.

The new features are optional and voluntary, so that each BitTorrent user can use the platform to continue as in the past, free of charge. The payment function can be used, according to the needs of the Community. How strong this new Feature will be used remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the Blockchain Gaming platform Bitguild has presented the first game on the TRON-the Blockchain is run. The game is called Magic Academy, and was at the 29.09.2018 at a special conference with Justin Sun released. The aim of the game is a wizard to the crypto-currency “Jade tokens”. The more wizards are involved, the faster this process is. Jade tokens are completely negotiable and based Token on the new TRC20 -.

Within the game there are also rare items that can be purchased with TRX. To save the credit of the token owner BitGuild has developed a browser-based Wallet with the name “Treasure”.

BitGuild was founded last year by Jared Psigoda and has revolutionize the standard the Gaming industry is written to. Five additional games are in planning, which will also work on the Blockchain. We are excited to see what further developments in this area to watch.

The price of TRON will be recorded within the last 24 hours for a mini-course increase of + 0.57 percent paint.

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