Belgian court, but are sentenced to death IS-warrior in Iraq

An international rogatory commission in the Iraqi Baghdad the Belgian Syriëstrijder Tarik Jadaoun answered in the framework of a Belgian research.

‘The examining magistrate, accompanied by a team of the judicial police and a federal magistrate visited at the end of last week, Baghdad (Iraq) to Tarik Jadaoun there to meet and interrogate. He had agreed and worked out well, ” says the federal public prosecutor’s office.

Jadaoun sitting since July of 2017 caught in the Iraqi Baghdad, where he was sentenced to death. In 2014 trad Jadaoun to, where he was known under the strijdersnaam Abu Hamza Al-Belgiki. On 13 July 2017 he was captured during the battle for Mosul, the former ‘capital’ of IS in Iraq. In an interrogation by the Iraqi court he did his career and his tasks within it IS from the cloths.

Later, in an interview with VRT news journalist Rudi Vranckx, declared Jadaoun want to cooperate with the Belgian security services. He had to say about the information that our country forward would help, already weighed that information, according to him, ‘really light’. He introduced himself as a follower who had done wrong than for the wrong camp.

During his interrogation by the American security services, a well-known Jadaoun that he directly was involved in the planning of terrorist attacks – of which there are at least two for deaths in Europe caused – and that he himself for such a bloodbath candidate had made. That answer would also prove that Jadaoun still quite a few conceal. He said that the Islamic State still terrorists in Europe hidden.

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