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“Belgian Cats are part of the world, but the most difficult part is done”

The Belgian Cats have in the coming years, still has a huge potential. That claimed assistant coach Pierre Cornia, Tuesday, at the press conference after returning from the Belgian basketbalvrouwen of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tenerife, where she celebrated.

“We have a world CHAMPIONSHIP of high level is delivered”, said the assistant of Philippe Mestdagh Tuesday. “We have proof of our maturity and character shown, especially when we were twelve points goedmaakten in Spain. You also have the way to remember. We won matches while we the public pleasure gave. We have felt that the land behind us stood and have a basket brought to the attention. That is one of our most beautiful rewards.”

Cornia is already looking forward to the coming years with the Cats. “The five others in the top six of the CHAMPIONSHIP played over the past twenty years all of the major tournaments. The expectations have increased, but our ambitions also. The matches against Germany and Turkey in november will be crucial for us for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. And there, we should then qualify for the olympic qualifier. We are part of the world, but the hardest is to confirm. Tokyo would be the crowning achievement for this team.”

“We want to be a fixed value on the world stage, and we are on the right track”, filled in as technical director, Sven Van Camp. “But we can’t hide. The good news is that there are young people ready. There is structural work will be supplied to both sides of the linguistic border.”

The spots in the team will only be more expensive. “We work in all transparency”, was team manager Koen Umans space for new names. “We expect all of the players have a certain mentality. Otherwise they will not be selected.” A possible enhancement is the American Celeste Trahan-Davis Castors Braine, whose application for naturalization is currently ongoing. “They would be a great added value, and it would enable young people to take on a rhythm of their own yet what to grow,” said Cornia thereon.

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