Apologies for the Marthe van K3

Last week was the story of Marthe De Pillecyn big news in the media. Marthe had in Gert Late Night openly talked about how they are on the social media hard was addressed as the ‘ugly’ of Q3. Went in the during the bedgeheimen with James Cooke about a tweet which they then read got after her visit to Maanrock in Mechelen. “I went to Maanrock gone and then I saw afterwards, a tweet from a guy who said ‘hey, I’m Marthe van K3 met. They can do a lot with Photoshop, because what is that for an ugly child?’”, told Marthe. “Do something to me you, you are a man and I sometimes feel that people forget. That people say things about my while me, they don’t know.” Marthe spoke openly about how hard it was addressed on Twitter, and that made a deep impression on the man that the black of the K3 via a single tweet hard hurt. But what happens? The young man shows trust. Frederik has regret of what he then wrote, that he left via mail. “I feel guilty and want to this message to Marthe of Q3 focus”, as he began his message. “I heard the piece about a boy who is on twitter, she wrote on Maanrock to have seen that they are not as beautiful as on tv, etc… I feel ashamed of me deeply, because I was that who on twitter wrote. I’ve never been so negative thought. I just came back to the fact of the photoshop issue in the first album of K3, and that they are on tv, of course, all 3 always pico bello bijgeschminkt etc. I do know that in real life they can’t do. Das the showbizz hey, k3 will never be without make-up and stuff appear. And, of course, I find Marthe’s no ugly woman. On the contrary. They should be there. With or without make up. I have the tweet by the way shortly after, all erased, but it was too late, she had already read it. I had her already hurt. I wish this is not. With this excuse, I really love to Marthe, with this message, if you can pass it to her, because on instagram and twitter, she will mss too many messages and now just happen to have that tweet of mine have seen… “

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