Alexander McQueen-docu starts with success

Alexander McQueen

It is thus the best opening for a modedocumentaire ever in the Netherlands, made distributor, Paradiso Films Tuesday known. Other modefilms, such as Dior & I, The September Issue and Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel, went in the first weekend, but a few hundred visitors.

The documentary, McQueen illuminates the extraordinary life, work and talent of the iconic British fashion designer. On the basis of interviews with friends and family, and unique archival footage, and sketches director Ian Bonhote a picture of his rise and fall.

Alexander McQueen dropped on by the often morbid themes that inspired him and his frenzied presentations. He worked for several fashion houses and produced in its peak value, almost every month a new collection. In 2010, suicide the melancholy Brit suicide, shortly after the death of his mother, with whom he is very close-knit band had.

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