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10 % of the crypto-Mining Malware ends up via USB to computers

10 % of the crypto-Mining Malware ends up via USB to computers

Home News 10 % of the crypto-Mining Malware ends up via USB to computers

Matthias Nemack –

The security experts Kaspersky Labs GmbH user knows almost Internet. The global company has warned repeatedly in the past against risks such as Malware, which Criminals use for undetected Mining of Bitcoins and co. The current warning refers to, among other things, risks posed by seemingly harmless USB Stick.

High Risk

Many users keep the USB-storage media, as before, for a comparatively secure way for data transfer from/to the Laptop or the Desktop PC. The current analysis of the company Kaspersky revealed a significantly different situation. The analysts have found out in their evaluation for the previous year, 2018, to 9.22 percent of all infections with crypto Miner Malware are distributed via the aforementioned USB devices. Thus, the Sticks for cyber criminals is quite a relevant exchange of data carriers for illegal activities on the Internet. That almost ten percent of all of the experts recognized the dissemination cases go to the account from USB media, is a surprise to many convinced users quite angry. For insiders, however, the risk is literally old hat.

Programs circulating for years

The indiscriminate use of USB media, for example, at trade fairs, – is always a risk that concerns in addition to inexperienced private users and companies. Still, the model of ” Trojan belongs to the Kaspersky study found that.Win64.Miner.all“ one of the most common threats found. This variant is also known as “Trojan.Win32.Miner.ays“ and since 2014 as a source of danger. It further showed that many computers are already infected for years. The result of this is significantly reduced computing performance of the affected equipment, the mining currencies profound for offenders Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, or any other Crypto.

Still frightening increase in the number of programs since 2017

The largest increase was recorded for the analysis in the area of the 64-Bit Version of the mentioned crypto-Miners. Year-on-year to 2017, experts expect an increase of more than 16 percent, for 17, an increase of 18,42% had even been detected. Only recently, the security service had warned ESET Malware the Kodi media player. The increase in threats can limit both private and commercial users, by comply with the precautions and important tips to consider. For example, there is always a question, whose USB device you connect to the computer. In addition, it is recommended that only encrypted USB memory (also, data should be coded), the origin of which is unknown. Not to mention recognizes the use of a safety program, what is the Malware and directly deletes. Companies Kaspersky Labs GmbH advises, especially to better safety training and better Safety regulations for the use of external USB-media.

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