“Without robin Van Persie has Feyenoord a very limited team’

Robin van Persie

Van Persie claimed a dual role for himself with the duel between Feyenoord and Vitesse. From a beautiful free kick shot the 35-year-old attacker his team to a 2-1 victory, but the direct red card that he in injury time was given, took the gloss of his performance. “Yet he was the best man on the field. Without Van Persie loves the Club with a very limited team on,” said Adri van Tiggelen.

Despite the fact that robin Van Persie, according to Van Tiggelen not top played, he raised according to the rapporteur, however, above his fellow players. “It is clear that that boy has more quality than the other 21 players on the field. At times, he has still brilliant moments,” the former Orange-international, which is concerned about the overall level at Feyenoord.

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“There are few guys around that something extra. When Steven Berghuis is sometimes the case, but when he’s not on his hips, all the pressure on the shoulders of robin Van Persie to rest. That still has the qualities to be a contest to decide. That he had previous against FC Utrecht (1-0 victory, red.) see, and now again against Vitesse. The free-kick that he managed a lap, was very nice, all I found goalkeeper Eduardo’t look good. It was his corner, but that does not mean that Robin the ball perfectly hit, and a great speed gave. ”

Nevertheless, it was robin Van Persie have to settle for a 5. “That has everything to do with the red card that he in injury time was,” said Van Tiggelen. “Otherwise, I’d give him a 7. He had some good moments. Especially in possession of the ball he is constantly imminent, and he knows almost always what he needs to do.”

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