VRT helps first voters

The research of the VRT Research department to gauge the interest in politics, political knowledge and attitudes, the themes of the “first voters’ and the way in which they see reflected in the party programs. For the study, in the course of the month of may 868 young people between 18 and 22 years were surveyed from all Flemish provinces, men and women, new and native Flemish people, students (various courses), and other, in different living situations.

About half of the ‘first voters’ (46%) is very/fairly interested in politics, the other half (54%) have no or hardly any.
New Flemings are more interested in politics (57%) and are the most politically or socially active (35% vs. 19% globally)
Half of the ‘first voters’ (51%) let it cold for the first time allowed to vote. Half (48%) believe in the impact of his/her voice.
A quarter of the ‘first voters’ (26%) do not believe that democracy is the best form of government for Belgium.
Only half of the ‘first voters’ knew at the time of the research in may that we are in October, city council members elect and only 12% knew exactly what we do and do not prefer.
More than half (53%) do not know who is his/her mayor is or what party he/she belongs to (54%).
Two-thirds of the ‘first voters’ (66%) believes that politicians only pay attention to what people think when there’s an election coming.
Half (51%) of the ‘first voters’ opinion that they do not have a say in what the politicians do, all think 68% is a good image to have of the important social themes.
Only 17% would certainly vote if compulsory voting does not exist.
Two out of three ‘first voters’ knew at the time of the survey in may is still not on what he/she would vote. A third party knew, moreover, not which party best reflects their own beliefs.
Environment, security, poverty and migration are the main themes where ‘first voters’ are doing.
Main sources of the ‘first voters’ are the parents, social media, websites of the parties themselves and televisienieuwsuitzendingen.

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