Viva la independencia for parliament in Barcelona

BARCELONA, spain – police in Spain’s Monday night in Barcelona hard in collision with Catalan protesters. The protesters, that an independent Catalonia wishes, tried the regional parliament in Barcelona to take but were eventually wiped out by the military police.

It meant a fierce and tense end to a day with peaceful demonstrations had begun. A year ago voted with a majority of the Catalans for independence in a referendum. But when they got there Madrid a stop to it.

First walked in Barcelona in the late evening, the voltages at the headquarters of the National Police, Then went to the protesters to the regional parliament of the province of Catalonia.

To estimate a few thousand people went after demonstrations in the town in the direction of the place of the house of representatives. Slogans like ’Viva la independencia’ sounded and We forget and we forgive not’.

The people of the CDR: Committees for the Vedediging of the Republic. Protesters who demand that ’the maandaat of October 1,’ is running and that the Republic of Catalonia, and yet is declared.

The police blocked the parliament by means of fences. Eventually the police pulled back and broke the protesters through the fences. Finally drove the police with dozens of buses back to just in front of the parliament. There were shots of rubber bullets. Hundreds of policemen with batons the protesters dispersed.

At this time, there are riots on the Via Laietana, one of the main streets of Barcelona, where also the head office of police.

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