Two years in prison for spouse, member of the Nobel prize committee for rape

STOCKHOLM – The linchpin in the scandal around the committee that awarded the Nobel prize for Literature awards, in Sweden, found guilty of rape. A Swedish court has sentenced Jean-Claude Arnault, the spouse of a member of the Swedish Academy, to a term of imprisonment of two years.

Jean-Claude Arnault arrives at the court.

The now 72-year-old Arnault transgressed, according to prosecutors seven years ago to the victim. According to reports in Swedish media have a lot more women the man is sexually challenging behaviour blamed, but ultimately, he is only prosecuted for this verkrachtingszaak. Other facts were already expired or could not be proven.

The scandal around Arnault led to a crisis within the Academy. He was in the media in connection with the leaking of names of Nobel prize winners. Several members of the Academy names to protest the dismissal and the award of the Nobel prize for Literature was cancelled. This week, however, are other Nobel prizes are awarded.

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