They participate in Dancing With The Stars

October 19, brings FOUR with Dancing with the Stars the most successful dance competition in the world on its way to Flanders. In this challenging live show sheds Gert Verhulst and sidekick Jani Kazaltzis every Friday well-known Flemish people by the dansavontuur of their life. For Karen Damen, James Cooke, Kat Kerkhofs, Peter Van Asbroeck, Leen Dendievel, Ian Thomas, Elodie Ouedraogo, Sien Eggers and Fabrizio Tzinardis the dance studio’s now already a few weeks into their second home has become. Blood, sweat, sometimes a tear, but especially extremely a lot of passion drips off the candidates. Any couple dares to the furthest, dares everything, release it to throw and dances to the next round? The jury expects nothing less than technical excellence, delicious dance moves, interconnecting webs, star quality, but above all: tons of emotion. After eight episodes, we know what torque the jury and viewers at home was most appealing.

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