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Tech-ECHO KW 39 – Of bug fixes, Block producers and zk-SNARKs

Not only Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero had to publish Bugfix Releases. In the EOS Ecosystem, fears of a Chinese monopoly growing position in the Block producers. In addition, Vitalik Buterin has set out his Vision of a fast-Ethereum-a Blockchain – using ZCash.

An important Announcement: Tech-ECHO will be constructed in the future are somewhat different than in the past editions. For one, it will be every two weeks, a Tech-ECHO. Second, the Tech-ECHO gets a bit more structure: to begin the swing Instead of a large all round impact, will be drawn up of selected news in a little more detail and a rough Overview of the more technical news from the crypto sector.

As the focus of stories, we look at currencies on the Bugs, bug fixes, and Updates to the Crypto on the Block Producer in the EOS network and Vitaliks Vision for Ethereum.

Bugs, fixes and Updates Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Monero and other crypto-currencies

In the last week we have the Bitcoin Bug CVE-2018-17144, discussed a Bitcoin Generation would have allowed it out of Nothing. Very tech-savvy readers without fear of C++Source code of Wrap-Up of Jimmy Song to the heart. The Bitcoin-Core-Team has released a Bugfix quickly. But still, this Episode is not in the history of bitcoin is over: Currently, only 52 percent of the Bitcoin Nodes are safe.

In the case of Bitcoin Cash, the Situation is less dramatic, because the network is working mainly with a Client. As in the above-linked article already emphasizes the Bitcoin-XT – and Bitcoin-Unlimited-Nodes are not affected by the Bug. Since Bitcoin-SV-Nodes represent less than one percent of the Bitcoin-Cash-network, the question remains, how safe is the Bitcoin-ABC-Nodes. This make up 57 percent of the network. Currently, 36 percent of the Bitcoin-ABC-Nodes have completed the Update, which means that at least 63 percent of the Bitcoin-Cash-network safe.

Also other crypto currencies like Litecoin or Dogecoin are affected by the Bug. So far have updated the Litecoin network only 11.5 per cent on the current Client. It is so a lot to do.

But even beyond CVE-2018-17144 it came to Bugs. Monero had a bug in it that reminds a little bit to bitcoin vulnerability. Through these, hackers had been able to crypto exchanges, pretend to have more XMR than is actually in the same sent. The “Burning Bug” known bug has been fixed in the Monero Client. Similarly, Electroneum had to fix various Bugs.

But they still exist: Updates the plug no dramatic gaps in security. The well-known Bitcoin Wallet now supports BIP70, a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, which makes the payment process more secure and a better user experience. Finally, Ripple has updated the XRP Client rippled. By the DepositPreAuth Amendment Ripple can allow the Server to specific addresses by default as the sending addresses.

EOS, in the hands of China? As a Block Producer each other’s Votes to cobble

EOS’ Block Producer provided at the beginning of the EOS-Mainnet for problems. Now there seems to be a new Episode of the series “EOS, and the Block Producer”: According to a Chinese source, different Block seem to choose the Producer with each other and, consequently, the democratic idea behind Delegated Proof of Stake to undermine. In addition, Huobi other Block Producer to choose in exchange for a portion of the earned Rewards. A EOS-Token-Holder’s Twitter Account “Handle Maple Leaf” has prepared the case well.

For many within the EOS Community to worry that the Block Producer to secure each other’s Position. More than half of the Block Producer, is currently in China. If one keeps in mind that the CCID, a Chinese block chain ranking, EOS crowned the best block chain-based System, the concern is whether these Chinese Block Producer could corrupt the entire System.

Ethereum: With zk-SNARKs to 500 TPS?

Everyone knows that Ethereum has a scaling problem. On various fronts, such as Sharding or Plasma Ethereum is trying to solve the Problem. Vitalik Buterin sees in the zk-SNARKs for a solution approach. The Zero Knowledge Proofs are an integral part of ZCash, however, the Byzanthium-Update now also part of Ethereum. In a Post in the Ethresearch Forum Vitalik explains how the Zero Knowledge Proofs are one-On-Chain-scaling is useful. Allow the validation of many of the transactions should be possible, so without a Second Layer and without increasing the block size to 500 transactions per second can be processed.

The Expression was not the only Positive, what Vitalik Buterin said about ZCash. In a Twitter debate over a hypothetical “Chain Merge”, so a merge of the two block chains, he said, that a Merge between Ethereum and ZChash would be interesting:

For More Tech News

Bitcoin is not known for its anonymity, a shortcoming that is to fix a variety of projects, the Wasabi-Wallet promises anonymous payments, thanks to an improved Version of Coinjoin, and the Tor network. Recently zkSNACKs has released a new Version of the Wallet.

In addition to the DASH Text the cryptocurrency has announced the development of Long Living Masternode quorum or short LLMQs, an important step in the direction of DASH Evolution.

“Do it yourself” thinks Ethereum Classic and continues to give aspiring developers the right Tools to Hand. The Standard Development Kit Emerald to facilitate dApp-developers.

MasterCard has filed in the last few weeks, multiple block chain relevant patents. In a new Patent they describe a System, the transactions are stored. The Blockchain not only provides a certain degree of immutability, but the Audi is also more easily auditable as existing systems.

On MyCrypto user transactions can plan in advance. Vitalik is impressed by such a Feature and called such developments “very valuable”.

Bancor shows that it is not “either-or” needs to think about EOS and Ethereum and BancorX – launched a bridge to EOS. Bancor is located also on EOS.

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