Tadic: ’Difficult to know whether we have a chance’

Dusan Tadic

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“These are fantastic games to play. Everyone is happy that we qualified”, said number 10 of Ajax at the press conference. “In advance, it is difficult to say whether we get a chance. Bayern is of course the favorite. It is one of the best teams in the world. They do to the victory of the Champions League.”

“But if we stay close to our philosophy to continue to create an opportunity”, says the Serb. “I expect a very tough match. We should be there from minute one in addition to diving. We want to win every match, tomorrow against Bayern.”

Dusan Tadic took place in addition to trainer Erik ten Hag at the press conference.

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The trip to Munich did not go well. Due to a power failure at amsterdam airport Schiphol came the selection shows in the South of Germany. “That we need behind us to leave”, responds Tadic. “There is still plenty of time to rest and to prepare ourselves for the contest. But I hope that it never happened.”

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