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Survey predicts bright future for crypto-currencies

Earlier the Internet was used by universities, scientists and students, mainly to test research results prior to publication. The future of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies looks after a country-wide survey, which was given in the United States of the crypto Exchange Coinbase in order to be positive. The study was conducted by Qriously.

Bitcoin has piqued the interest of universities

The study was carried out at renowned universities in the USA, of which 675 students were interviewed. 18% of the students stated that they have owned in the past crypto-currencies. This number is twice as high as other studies in the General population. This is an indication that the acceptance of Bitcoin & co. is especially in the case of younger people is higher.

The survey found that 21 of the 50 best universities in the USA offer at least one lecture about Blockchain technology and crypto-currency. At least 11 colleges even offer more than one lecture per Semester. After Reviewing the lecture lists of the 50 best universities was noted in the report that the crypto-currency lectures are attended not only by computer science students. You will also be kept in a variety of other courses such as Finance and anthropology.

Students are considered today as a pioneer in the technological industry. You can speed up the process of mass adaptation considerably. In an interview with Coinbase Bill Maurer, Dean of the School of Social Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, said:

The learners to think about economic problems and alternative possible perspectives for the future. It can be very helpful, when we teach about these kind of things. Especially for students who are trying to work out what to do, and possible future prospects for the economic System.

According to Coinbase, the Stanford University is a progressive Institution that offers the majority of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lectures. In addition, most learners have shown with different focal points of interest to visit crypto lectures. 34% of the students in the computer science and engineering have interest New about Bitcoin & Co signals to learn. In addition, 47% of all social science students have expressed interest.

At other universities, Blockchain and crypto currency lectures to take. The New York University Stern School of Business recorded a growing interest in the subject.

This study comes in time to an interesting time, as the CEO of Coinbase, has just pronounced a warning. He said the introduction of Bitcoin might still take some time, and he therefore sees no potential for growth in the crypto market.

He added that the use of Bitcoin is currently only something for experienced users, for example, those with a degree in computer science. For users with less experience in the field of Informatics currencies Crypto currently too many hurdles and difficulties. While most crypto-currencies that are currently on the market are already developed well and the adaptation is ready for Mass, but recent studies show that Bitcoin can be used as a currency to pay for Goods and services. This is sure to happen in the near future, but also the students and graduates will play a crucial role in the process.

David Yermack, a Professor in the Finance Department of the New York University Stern School of Business, recalls, as of 2014, the block chain lecture was introduced have enrolled just 35 people. That was eight less than the typical average for a lecture at the University. In the spring, this number rose to about 230.

According to the Coinbase study universities, such as Stanford, Georgetown and Cornell are currently working at full speed on the Expansion of their block chain research, to meet the increasing interest.

Crypto adaptation will increase in speed

The Rate of students who invest in crypto-currency, is increasing day by day. Only about 25% of universities worldwide to offer Blockchain-Lectures. The number will rise with the increasing demand for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies soon.

Bitcoin has proven to be reliable and is highly scalable. If one compares the with other crypto-currencies, it shows that these often have the children’s diseases and in part unreliable. This shows that Bitcoin is the oldest and most stable crypto-currency. The last Time Bitcoin had a serious failure that was 2013, when the Blockchain has not worked for a few hours correctly.

Qualifications in connection with crypto are more in demand than ever

The wider interest in the crypto-market has led, according to Coinbase to a growing interest in learning about the Blockchain technology. Qualifications which are in demand related with Kryptos, Bitcoin & Co, together, and for this reason, experts and graduates in this field have good prospects on the labour market.

Coinbase also reported that you are on the hunt for students and graduates. The will increase in the course of the academic year. The popularity of Coins will arouse in students the interest in digital currencies. Through the research work at the universities and the newly acquired Knowledge to the new students and graduates of the entire crypto currency market will develop.

Even if since 2009 with Bitcoin, significant developments have been made, the future offers fascinating possibilities. It is only a matter of time until we find the new opportunities and insights in crypto currencies. That is why it is very important that the current experts in these areas to take on the responsibility, and the students in the future.

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