PvdA wants clarification about harassment of foreign affairs

HILVERSUM/THE HAGUE – The Labour party would like to clarify about the misbehaviour of an official of the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Second Member of parliament Kirsten van den Hul want to know more why the disciplinary action is not made known. She now has Questions to minister Stef Blok made. Also GroenLinks going to do that.

Stef Blok, the minister of Foreign Affairs and leads the department.

The official would, according to research in the first instance, a Reporter in Radio and later the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad have been guilty of (sexual) harassment, financial abuse of power and bullying. Employees of three aid agencies complained. Of the eight complaints, six were upheld. The official maintained contacts with organizations about women’s rights.

According to the staff at Cordaid, Pax and WO=MEN threatened the official, who also advised on funding, sometimes the funding tap closed. They hesitated, therefore, long before they dared to complain and be afraid of him again in his new role at the department, also says Foreign Affairs that will occur.

Foreign Affairs has decided that it is a service where external organizations can complain about misconduct by employees of the department. There should ultimately be a single reporting point for all ministries, according to the secretary-general of Foreign Affairs at NRC. The concerned official is transferred to another department where he is an equivalent function.

Also GroenLinks Member of parliament, Nevin Özütok still has a lot of questions about the case. She finds that the victims do not again with the official concerned may be faced during work.

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