“People on Sulawesi are hungry and steal food’

PALU – The damage on Sulawesi is large, under the rubble are likely to be many people and the survivors are starving. They go to the stores to steal food to survive, says rescuer Ferry Rangi in the city of Palu. He is a contact of the Dutch aid organization Cordaid.

Sulawesi, that in the colonial times Celebes was called, was last week hit by an enormous wave after an earthquake. The official death toll stands at more than eight hundred, but Rangi is afraid that there are many more deaths. “There is no electricity, people can not call. From many areas we have still no information, only rumors.” What Rangi do know is that the situation is “horrible” is in the places Palu and Dongala. Also villages along the coast are, according to him, was heavily damaged.

Sulawesi has food, electricity, fuel, drinking water and blankets necessary, says Rangi. The Indonesian authorities bring relief supplies and material to Sulawesi, but the inhabitants rely for this, according to him. “We cannot hope for the government, people here do it themselves.”

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