Otto-Jan Ham is looking for students for new quiz on Canvas

Which university has the best brains? In what discipline are the biggest names of students? On that question wants The Campus Cup to find an answer. The Campus Cup is a new prestigious studentenquiz of Canvas and Woestijnvis. Examiner service is Otto-Jan Ham.

Now the holiday is over, the real fun for the more than 200,000 students from the Flemish universities and colleges: together with the academic year starts namely the search for candidates for The Campus Cup. From 1 October, at the start of the year, can be mixed teams of four students from the same direction from one college or university register via So, without numerus clausus. After the provincial pre-selections later this fall (not on tv) to take out the best teams at the end of the academic year in a series of mutual confrontations against each other in the tv-auditorium of Otto-Jan Ham. There is only one team from one course of study from one college or university that the ultimate tv-final exam on Canvas can win and for a year the winner of The Campus Cup. The academic year 2018-2019 is therefore not only exciting in the classrooms and assembly halls, but also on tv.

The Campus Cup in 2019 to six weeks to see on Canvas.

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