More heavy equipment needed after the tsunami Sulawesi

JAKARTA – The Indonesian authorities carry supplies, and equipment after the earthquake and tidal wave on Sulawesi. The disaster agency said more heavy equipment and manpower necessary to have bodies to mountains on the island.

Devastation in Palu after the tsunami.

The natural disasters last Friday for a tremendous havoc made in the area. There are, according to official figures at least 844 deaths, but the media is already talked about, more than 1,200 fatalities.

There are probably many people under the rubble of collapsed buildings in Palu, a city with about 380.000 inhabitants. There fell probably the most killing. The authorities buried the bodies after identification forced to remain in a mass grave. Also possible to sit still hundreds of people stuck in villages that are affected by landslides.

Also the supply of relief goods for survivors encounter problems. Some people are, according to Indonesian media on the plunder captured in order to foods. Agents and soldiers have been deployed to petrol stations and supermarkets to monitor. President Either Widodo says on Monday, as much as possible food aid to the island is sent with a military transport aircraft.

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