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Monero launches Initiative to Mining-Malware to combat the spread of

Monero launches Initiative to Mining-Malware to combat the spread of

Home News Monero launches Initiative to Mining-Malware-distribution to combat

Marcel Knobloch –

The technology of Monero is considered to infect favorite tool in the Mining-malware industry to Computer and use its computing power for Mining illegally. This should now be final. The Monero Community has joined together and a website launched to educate users about Changes and Ransomware.

Earlier this week, the Monero announced-community closed to the Launch of an educational platform (Website) that in the future further Hijacking attacks is to be avoided. Justin honor Hofer, Director of the Malware Response Workgroup, why Monero attacks is so attractive for hackers (freely translated):

Attackers like Monero, for two reasons: 1) It’s private, so you don’t have to worry about businesses and law enforcement to track authorities, what do you do with the Monero after you have mined it, and 2) Monero uses a working proof (PoW) algorithm that is CPU – and GPU-friendly; Thus, the infected machines are competitive. These two components are increasingly crucial to why the attacker decide to mine some Monero compared to other crypto-currencies.

Monero is not the only crypto currency which can be used in malware programs, Bitcoin and co. will also find application in these areas. XMR is characterized, however, by particularly strong privacy features, so that often can not be traced, of whom the Malware comes from.

Scripts to Monero mines in the Browser with the help of Add-ons are occasionally as an Opt-provided In-Service to allow visitors to Finance sites. This function, for example, was found on the page .

McAfee Labs reported that in the second quarter of 2018, the number of the crypto jackings by 86 per cent, is increased. Since the launch of this new type of theft it should be an increase of more than 400 percent.

New technologies such as the Blockchain and the digital currencies will bring opportunities and great potential, but, of course, also risks and disadvantages which occur, for example, this is the place to light. Honor Hofer wants to be firm with this Initiative against malicious activities, and all users in the long term, support and protect.

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