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Mia Doornaert now been appointed as “interim” president of the Flemish Literature Fund

The board of directors of the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) has a provisional daily management referred to. That, actually, day to day management consists of director Koen Van Bockstal and chairman of the Mia Doornaert.

The council opted unanimously for Mia Doornaert as chairman, Bart Van Damme as vice-chairman and Ilona Terkessidis as a director. They fill three positions for the time being to the board of directors by the addition of four independent directors in plenary session, said a press release.

The final voordrachtlijst with two candidates per mandate is the end of October is expected at the cabinet of minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD). Afterwards, the Flemish government, the four directors appoint. Interested parties can continue until 19 October report.

At a subsequent meeting of the full new board of directors will then make the final nomination of a chairman to be discussed and a proposal will be submitted to the government. She hopes that before the end of this year, a chairman may be appointed.


On 13 July, the Flemish government of seven directors for the VFL. In the same decision was ex-journalist and columnist Mia Doornaert was appointed chairman. The decision came criticism from the literary world.

The Flemish publishing rights society (VAV) went to the Council of State, because the procedure is not correctly followed. It is the new board of directors which is itself a chairman must appoint and propose to the Flemish government. And that could not, because there are four new board members are indicated.

Different authors also had substantive reservations about the appointment of Mia Doornaert. Tom Lanoye doubted or Doornaert the Dutch literature enough, and whether they have a network in the book trade. Previously also had the author Bleri Lleshi reservations about the appointment of Doornaert. When they the author then ‘a marginal man’ mentioned in an interview with Knack, got Doornaert sharp criticism of the signings from top authors Stefan Hertmans and Jeroen Olyslaegers. Doornaert gave to now that they are not in the man was allowed to play, but called the whole agitation is politically motivated’.

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