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Max Verstappen during GP of Russia was elected ‘Driver of The Day’

The Dutchman Max Verstappen yesterday during the GP of Russia in Sochi was elected ‘Driver of The Day’.

Max Verstappen celebrated yesterday his twenty-first birthday, and computed on that day showed the Dutchman also see that he has a lot of talent and can catch up. Verstappen had, in fact, on the penultimate place to start the race but after a great overtaking race and finished he still as fifth.

After a great start and opening lap, in which he cars to overtake, he put especially the rounds afterwards are catching up. On his first set of tyres on for a long time to go came Stumbling even in the lead of the race to lie with behind him, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel.

After the end of the race, a pit stop was reed Verstappen eventually ended up as fifth on the finish line. A very nice result that also the majority of F1 fans could convince to vote for him and of him the ‘Driver of The Day’.

It was the third time this season that Verstappen to ‘Driver of The Day’ was elected. Thus he comes at the same height of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo this season already three times to the ‘Driver of The Day’ were all re-elected.

Summary of winners ‘Driver of The Day award:
GP of Australia: Fernando Alonso
GP of Bahrain: Pierre Gasly
GP of China: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Azerbaijan: Charles Leclerc
GP of Spain: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Monaco: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Canada: Sebastian Vettel
GP of France: Sebastian Vettel
GP of Austria: Max Verstappen
GP of Great Britain: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Germany: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Hungary: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Belgium: Sebastian Vettel
GP of Italy: Kimi were times
GP of Singapore: Max Verstappen
GP of Russia: Max Verstappen

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