Matthijs van Nieuwkerk visibly moved in DWDD

Host Ivo Niehe and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk

In place of the scheduled broadcast, it was decided that the first part of the show to throw and the first half-hour to devote to the death of the French singer Charles Aznavour. Host Ivo Niehe sat down at the table to work with) to talk about this musical greatness and reminisce. It is clearly heavy with Matthijs. His voice breaks with regularity, he seems to be his emotions away to hold, and a tear to swallow and speak at a given moment, also that he has a very bad day, by the news.

Although the two in a very respectful way about Aznavour and his musical legacy talk, is his behavior not at all viewers well. Social media is considerably removed to Matthijs. “Matthijs, you must be Charles Aznavour not to claim! Before that, he really is way too big, even for you”, responds someone. Another viewer is especially annoyed by the fight between Ivo and Matthijs seems to be. “Call of the ego battle of the titans to hear. Matthijs & Ivo. I know him better. No I! I know more about his songs. No I! I know what that is like. No I! I know most of the anecdotes. No I! Man man man,” she writes.

Fortunately, there are also many people that the broadcast really appreciate. “What a fine and tasteful way to Charles Aznavour to commemorate. Hats off for The World Turns and all those who participated in to fall”, responds someone. “This is an excellent tv. Sincere, passionate, enthusiastic,” concludes another.

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