Macron again under fire after ‘lack of respect for president’

The French president Emmanuel Macron will bake some criticism for a photo last week taken on the island of Sint-Maarten. Then stabs a young man his middle finger.

The French president was at the end of last week on a tour on the island of Sint-Maarten, an overseas community of France. During his visit wanted to a lot of local young people on the photo with Macron.

On one of the photos posing Macron with two young guys, of whom one is a middle finger rears. On Twitter put Marine Le Pen, president of the extreme right-wing Rassemblement National (formerly National Front) her criticism about not under chairs or sofas. ‘I find no more words for my outrage to express. France deserves this. This is unforgivable’, tweette them.

President Macron responded immediately: “I do not want to live in a world that thrives on hate. I will try all of the young people of our country. And I am very forgiving. Especially when it’s about a youthful folly. If I today president of the Republic, and am not Marine Le Pen, it is because of that attitude.’

Extravagant clothing

Macron told me that two boys, one handicapped girl accompanied that doodgraag the president had met. One of the boys, there would be a prison sentence for burglary have her. The second is a student.

It is not the first time that the French president comes under fire for a remarkable picture. In June there was also criticism after a picture on Instagram was posted that Macron poses with a group of extravagantly dressed musicians. A few days earlier, there was also a lot of to do to a fourteen year old boy who Macron ‘ça va, Manu?’ had stopped. A sign that a lot of French people no respect for their current president, so to find critics.


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