Lana Del Rey counterbalances Kanye’s support for the Trump

“Trump, who was president, was a loss for the country, but your support for him is a loss for our culture,” sounded sharply on Instagram. Del Reys post was a response to a selfie of Kanye, which he proudly posed with a pet with Trumps slogan “Make America Great Again’.

Yesterday posted Kanye West – who from now on wants to go as a Ye – a selfie on Instagram in which he is a cap with the inscription “Make America Great Again’ wore. As a comment to the photo he wrote, “this vertengenwoordigt the good and the United States back to become one”.

Lana Del Rey, which in 2014 occurred during the marriage of Ye with Kim Kardashian, reacted sharply: “When Trump was president, that meant a loss for our country. Your support for him is a loss for our culture.” Further, she wrote that both Trump if Ye be characterised by “extreme problems with narcissism”. “If you don’t see problems in the support of someone who is convinced that he women at their genitals should grab, and only because he is known, then you will have the same need for help as him,” and completed her message.

Even yesterday Ye guest at the kickoff of the new season of Saturday Night Life, where he and his praise for Trump yet again openly proclaimed. Furthermore, had he also about his plans to mingle in the fight for the Oval Office in 2020.

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