Kremlin does not respond to Skripal-rumors

MOSCOW – The Kremlin no longer wants to respond to “discussions in the media” about the identity of two suspects in the case Skripal, ex-spy that an assassination survived in Salisbury. The defendants declared themselves businessmen who have nothing to do with the case, but according to research network Bellingcat actually for the Russian military intelligence Groups.

The defendants are smiling on the street filmed.

The Kremlin now lets know more with journalists to talk about rumors surrounding the identity of one of the men, that the name Ruslan Bosjirov used. “The BBC can’t confirm. The BBC can only with assumptions,” said a government spokesman, according to news agency TASS. “Since the entire discussion is conducted at the level of the media, we want to be there as a Kremlin no longer take part in.”

The attack on Skripal with nerve gas has the relationship between Moscow and London well under pressure. The British authorities think that Moscow is behind the incident and have photos published of the two defendants in the case. That duo later appeared on the Russian television. The men told as tourists, a visit to Salisbury, where Skripal is poisoned.

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