’Kidnapping-video Lindsay Lohan proves that she is drinking’

Lindsay Lohan

The now removed video is viral gone and caused a lot of commotion. Lindsay’s loved ones fear that they turn to drink and have no more insight on her now that she is no longer living in America. This reports Us Weekly.

“She has spent some time in Dubai lived, where strict rules apply regarding alcohol. That was a nice cover-up for her, especially since paparazzi not welcome. The chance that they got caught was nil,” says a source. “Its beach club on Mykonos gave her some privacy, all popped up every now and then, however, evidence that she is drinking. The video from Friday is proof of that. Her family knows that they have a drink nuttigde, but as long as they are well kept, they found that no problem.”

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Good intentions

Lindsay’s publicist Hunter Frederick would be on the road to Paris to check out how the actress is going. Earlier, she had let friends know that all is well with her, but that she is very afraid. “Lindsay insists that her intentions are nothing but good and she the children wanted to protect, even though most people would think differently about this,” said the source.

Lohan, the family would have asked her children to give her a slap of the mother was when the aggressive behavior of the former kindster was.

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