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Huobi denies electoral arrangements for the EOS-block producers

Huobi denies electoral arrangements for the EOS-block producers – Vitalik Buterin: “It was predictable”

Home News Huobi denies electoral arrangements for the EOS-block producers – Vitalik Buterin: “It was predictable”

Marcus Misiak –

The cryptocurrency exchange Huobi is currently being accused of in the elections for the EOS-block producers (BPs) agreements with other BPs taken. Huobi is suspected voices of other BPs bought and sold. While Huobi denies the allegations in a recent statement, tweeted Ethereums Vitalik Buterin, that the controversy was predictable.

EOS uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), which aims to solve the problems of POW and POS systems. In the delegates “Proof-of-Stake”System in a democracy is created by a community of block producers and users. There are a fixed number of 21 block prodzenten, also referred to as delegates. The delegates are chosen by the users, the Token-holders to vote. These representatives to validate the transactions and form the consensus and to be paid for your efforts is very rewarding.

Huobi, a crypto-currency exchange based in Singapore is one of these 21 BPs in the EOS network. The controversy began after Screenshots from EOSONE emerged that show how BPs to vote for each other. The Twitter users of Maple Leaf Capital, said that the first accusation implies that Huobi for the 20 other BP-approved candidates, with 16 of them voted for Huobi. The second allegation States that Huobi and many other BPs to vote for each other, for the strengthening of your BP Position. In addition, Huobi for some BP is to have candidates in exchange for EOS voted.

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, showed little surprised that there are such electoral arrangements. Only the early date – the EOS Mainnet was only a few months to live – he finds surprising. In a further Tweet, Buterin explained that he believes this is exactly why the success of On-Chain-choice models, such as the EOS, since each Block of this type can fall into the pattern “I choose for your fucking project, you choose mine.”

Huobi denies any involvement in the alleged EOS-election manipulation and collusion. According to the Chinese news portal Jinse has distanced itself Huobi of the Reports.

The EOS Alliance EOS-dispute settlement system has also released an official statement and called on all members with “problems”, the EOS Aliance to inform and announced to investigate the allegations further. For many critics of the EOS, the accusations are further evidence that EOS is not decentralized due to the DPoS sufficiently.

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