Huizenjagers hunting in Bruges

From Monday 1 October.e.m. Thursday, October 4

In the sixth week of Huizenjagers – from Monday 1 October.e.m. Thursday 4 October – gets a fresh load brokers everything out of the closet to droomwoningen to spot in the Bruges Countryside, the green belt around Bruges. It is a great environment for you to say, though the region is not very cheap … Charline, Nico and Elien search to the perfect property for a B&B, a house without wood ceilings, and a square house.

Huizenjager Charline is the first move. Charline is a young and mostly very driven and ambitious. That she works at one of the larger real estate agencies in the region, is no coincidence. She stands on the property and agree to sleep. The second Huizenjager is Nico, a hardworking family man who, together with his wife, an office in the heart of Bruges. Discretion and personal approach carries Nico is of paramount importance. He has this job with heart and soul. The third real estate agent that her chances of dares, this week is Elien. This self-made woman is already ten years in the real estate and founded 4 years ago, own a thriving office in Beernem.

Episode 1 on Monday, 1 October
The first command comes from Sarah and Renaat. They are looking for a charming house within cycling distance of Bruges. There should feel free to work on the house, as long as there is a large garden present. They have, however, an additional difficulty in store for the Huizenjagers, because Renaat collects and restores vintage cars and also who should get a place in the building. Their budget is € 450,000.

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