Girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo reacts to rel

Ronaldo calls all accusations of fake news

Georgina Rodríguez leave in an Instagram post to know square behind her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo to stand in the riot that came after Kathryn Mayorga the football player blamed her being raped in 2009. Georgina, who, together with the Portuguese live in Italy, let me know ‘that she loves him’.

“You know the obstacles that are in your path always to convert to power, to show how good you are. Thank you that you give us every game so lets enjoy. Always more and always better. I love you Cristiano,” said Georgina, who is seen in the stands of the Juventus stadium, the club where Ronaldo plays.

The soccer star denied all the allegations earlier this weekend in a live video, which he called the accusations described as ‘fake news’. “No, no, no. They try my name to use to make himself famous. It is part of it, but I am a happy man and everything is going well.”

The German magazine Der Spiegel carried the story of the American Kathryn, who says the celebrity raped her in Las Vegas in 2009. She claims an amount of 325.000 euro of him to have gotten to keep it from moving, but would now by the #MeToo movement, nevertheless inspired to make a case to make. The lawyers of Ronaldo called the allegations of the woman ‘blatantly illegal’

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