Gert Verhulst opens Plopsa-park in Poland

After years of intense preparation put Plopsa and Momentum Capital Saturday night festive the brand new theme park Majaland Kownaty to the public. The construction of the park was a price tag of 20 million euros.

Plopsa has a brand new park! Majaland Kownaty, the first Polish park within the international group, by means of an animated opening show presented to the public at large. Many international guests attended the official opening. “We have been looking forward to this moment.”, marvels CEO of the Plopsa Group Steve Van den Kerkhof. “The result is stunning, we are extremely proud of what our investment and team achieved.”

Martijn van Rheenen, CEO of Momentum Capital, is also satisfied: “The opening of Majaland is a team effort involving the local authorities and the community, the team in Poland, the great expertise of Plopsa Studio 100, Momentum Capital and its co-investors all contributed. In addition, we are going to a market to operate with the first real theme park in Poland. That us this honor together with Studio 100 Plopsa in turn, is making us very proud!”

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