Gert Verhulst openly about depression

In an interview with Christel Van Dyck on Radio 2 told Gert Verhulst at the end of 2017 is very open about his divorce in 2003 and what that time with him and his children has done. But during the verjaardagsconcert of Patrick Onzia in Theater Elckerlyc to Antwerp was the boss of Studio 100 a step further. The girlfriend of Patrick Onzia had behind his back, arranged for Gert Verhulst put together a song with Patrick came to sing, especially ” I miss you so much’ of Will Tura. Gert Verhulst dives to be more scattered, but on a stage singing, that he is not for everyone. For Patrick, he made like a exception because Patrick is a very special someone is for Gert. “I am very happy that I was there tonight at, one of my best friends, Patrick Onzia. I have already tears in the eyes,” says Gert Verhulst began. “We have tonight all to hear and see what a great artist he is, but Patrick and I have known each other for a very long time and Patrick is one of the most special people I know. Thirteen years ago, about saw Patrick and I together, I think on a daily basis. For me, it was one of the triestigste periods of my life”, continues Gert Verhulst furthermore, while the audience spontaneously begins to laugh. “Not since I saw you, listen carefully. My relationship was on the rocks and I was in a sort of depression, and Patrick was a man who always was. If there is a night that I no longer saw, then said Patrick, ” I will not leave you alone, I creep in bed and we have opinion night together, slept and in between the tears by laughing a lot. And sometimes I sat at home all alone to wait until the evening and then went to the call. The Patrick. ‘Open the door’. And then it was Patrick in there with soup that he had made. He also had fries, vegetables and meat. “For ge should be good to eat” and he started to cook. This whole kitchen is a mess from here to Tokyo,” smiles Gert Verhulst. But there is still something that Gert will never forget. “When my parents 50 years of marriage, my mother is very happy that he is her favorite song came to sing. That you had to go to Patrick, but one time questions. And when my mother died and the day of the funeral was there, that was emotionally very hard for us, and then Patrick telephoned me and said, ” I’m going to make sure that your dad at the funeral. He is my father, has him washed, dressed and these are things which a man never forgets. Meanwhile, Patrick is our life back on the rails. We have, I think, both the best woman found that there is, and we see each other that much. We call each other thou are calling to me and I pick up, I call back, and thou does not, and sometimes goes days, and I must honestly say: I miss you!”

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