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German ICOs in 2018 with some massive losses

German ICOs in 2018 with some massive losses

Home News German ICOs in 2018 with some massive losses

Matthias Nemack –

Serious reporting to the crypto-themed complex necessarily requires, not only the advantages of addressing. Critical information for investors in the spe is important. Current losses in the order of up to 90 percent in some German Start-Ups in the industry are such Information.

A few ICOs have really taken place in Germany

Not only in the Asian market new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) on diving for years. In Germany, despite the problematic assessment of economic and policy there is also a small upward trend. Some Start-Ups in the German crypto scene have ventured all the way to the market – not always with success unfortunately. This emerges from a new analysis of the magazine business week. The experts have looked at the first eight ICOs, which have been completely passed through in this country.

Only two providers reported stable price level

Too rosy the result is not is not currently available. So offerings such as the two Frankfurt models Iconiq Lab and save droid, as well as three more since the start of the year partly lost more than 90 percent of their value. For comparison: When Bitcoin, the Minus was last seen at about 50 %, the number 2 Ethereum even lost about 70 % of their former value. The two most important crypto-currencies were able to recover the last of the happiness and part of the losses to offset. In Berlin, there are according to the analysis, but at least two formats with “stable performance”. The Blockchain-based projects Wysker on one side and Newfoundland on the other side.

Side note: These eight ICOs are only carried out in Germany. Many competitors have decided – mostly because of legal difficulties for the detour via foreign companies and cooperation partners. In the course of the survey, the specialists of the economy relied on the data in the various major crypto-exchanges. It is not the first survey that shows that not all ICOs are as successful as the model of Ethereum.

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