Frances and Nora Gharib call online hate stop

After 2 episodes of Make Belgium Great Again – last week, good for almost 600,000 viewers and 31,7% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live +5) – see our country there is already a little nicer. The number of registrations for organ donation has in the meantime risen to 31.637, more than 17,000 people have made ” the drinkbus great again’ in the fight against the plastic, in every province is a GREAT fridge for food waste and a lot of schools have taken action to ‘their’ zone 30 slower. The next step: online hatred to tackle. In doing so, Frances Lefebure appeal to patser Nora Gharib, who, at the time of Q3 Search Q3 itself with haatberichten had to deal.

“When I the first time on tv came up, I received racist comments”, says Nora. “In one of the comments someone said literally: Q3 that are 3 white and not a ‘zwette’. Almost everything is done with fake accounts, so people realize all too well that what they are doing, is not ok. During Q3 Search Q3 I have more than once a tear is left for the sake of the reactions. If there is then someone responds, does that enormous virtue.”

Respond according to experts, as well as what everyone would have to do with online haatberichten. “In real life, would you do that too, so why not online?”, what it sounds like. But is that correct? People react in real life to be effective when they are online haatberichten notice? Frances and Nora take the test on the sum. Send the 72-year-old Rosita on the street, with the question in her name hateful posts. How do people respond really when they are online hate notice? And what happens if Nora afterwards, quite unexpectedly for their nose?

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