FC Volendam represents The King as a new trainer

Archive photo: Hans the King was already once at the helm at FC Volendam.

Between 2012 and 2016, he was also in service with the current number 19 of the Kitchen Champion Division. The King is still a beloved person to the Dike. He is at almost every home game in the stands, and many supporters hoped, on his return, after it became known that Salden from his position was relieved.

FC Volendam will see The King in the first instance as a tussenpaus, but chairman Henk Kras said last weekend, “nothing more fluid than a man’. In other words: performance is King well, it may just be that his contract should be extended. FC Volendam hopes that Salden remains on as technical manager, but this 45-year-old Zaandammer yet to make a decision.

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