Evy Gruyaert in campaign for “digital health”

The Center for Cybersecurity (CCB) switches Evy Gruyaert for a new campaign around cyber security. The presenter is in spot to see if “gezondheidscoach” that the Belgians urged to make regular back-ups and updates to perform. The campaign fits in with the European Cybersecurity month.

In a playful video explains Gruyaert, known from “start-to-run”, that it is important but very simple is to make back-ups of data. Important contact information, or family photos can be lost due to a virus, loss of the device, or technical problems. On the campagewebsite ( are tips on how backups can be made on different devices, and internet users can their knowledge in the field of cyber security testing.

In addition the CCB is also on the track. At ten places in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia will be a “federal truck” to stop the population to be informed, not only about backups, but also about updates. “A well-known vulnerability in an IT system, you can easily resolve through software updates to perform,” explains Miguel De Bruycker, director of the CCB. “The impact of attacks such as ransomware may be limited as organizations and citizens to get their systems up to date.”

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