Evi Hansen shows naked breasts for good

Evi Hanssen had a few months ago an important appointment. She went to the hospital for an MRI scan of her breasts. As her mom, her sister and her aunt to have had problems with breast cancer and cysts were discovered when the host was further research is needed.

Evi Hanssen was the hospital that particular day in June relieved to leave after they have good news to hear had been given. The cysts were not malignant. They must, however, annually, on control for a scan or echo and from her 45th also a mammogram. Something where she isn’t looking forward to because then “your breasts are crushed”.

Evi Hanssen put her InstaStories of the time, that they are naked, opened, with her hands over her breasts, again in the spotlight. Not for nothing is October, after all, borstkankermaand where through Think-Pink and the famous pink ribbons an awareness-raising campaign runs in which women are encouraged to timely screening for breast cancer.

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