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Eternal Token young Japanese currency from the house of Atom Solution

Eternal Token young Japanese currency from the house of Atom Solution

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To currencies of the previously relatively unknown Crypto is part of the Token from Japan at the end of Eternal the fast-growing market. The developer, the Japanese company nuclear Solution, has not placed high of the crossbar only with the selected name. We look at the technical background, and other relevant Details about the digital currency.

The operator sets the distribution to selected authorized trading exchanges

The latest Whitepaper with all the important facts about the Eternal Token is since the beginning of July 2018 on the market in circulation, the Token Eternal – in short, XET is clearly of the new Generation of Coins from all over the world map. A Information, which is the developer of Atom Solution in the heart, refers to the selection of platforms and exchanges, with which the Token is available. Here, the company uses only authorized, reputable Partner. The statement is important, because for years, increasingly questionable tokens are traded in the of some of the Investor, in retrospect, rather would not have invested. You need to know: Alone in the months since the April 2018 500 new digital currencies to be created.

Quick designs for global transactions

Among the Strengths of the Eternal Token that the System is based on the Ethereum world. The System works bi-directional, which means in this case that there is, in addition to the Eternal Token in addition, an Eternal Coin (XEC). Here, however, the XET is the focus of the analysis. Of two currencies XET and XEC the 200,000 units on the market are currently available. Within the system, the Token can be exchanged in addition, in a course ratio of 1:1 against the Coin (and the other way around of course as well), which explains the concept of bi-directionality. The aim of the experts from the house of Atom Solutions co., Ltd. is the creation of a global functioning of the referral services, which allows users very fast transactions without high technical effort in the case of the Coins. Blocks are created according to the white papers within 15 to 17 seconds.

Cheap transaction fees for payment transactions

The Eternal Token, in turn, is the ERC20-part of the Eternal Coin, which is the referral system within the Eternal universe. Eternal, however, interested parties can trade tokens, at least some of the exchanges, as an Ethereum-based currency. With regard to the transaction speeds, so the execution takes both on a national and international level across national borders, only a few seconds. The transaction fees correspond to currently about a value of five Yen, as stated by the developer. The XET was developed according to the nuclear Solution, in particular as a mechanism that allows a simple currency exchange about the Wallet System of the Eternal Coins. Interesting: XEC-units can not only be sent to a normal Wallet, but even to a phone number.

The advantage is that the receiver does not need to be in the Moment of the receipt is mandatory and the owner of a Wallet. Payments are traceable, which can be in the context of a possible hacker attack, a disadvantage around the XET, as the operator admits. Corrupted transactions can not be reversed, however, what is currencies, a typical and well-known feature of Digital.

XEC provides for the payment of dividends

As a virtual currency, the “brother” of the Token, the Eternal Coin, with, among other things, the payment of dividends. These currently amount to 50 percent of the paid transaction fee, wherein the individual distribution of the amount of tokens depends in the own Wallet. This amenity is investors about the XET, unfortunately, is currently not given. But: The XEC can be against digital currencies to be exchanged – the XET.

How can the exchange of XEC and XET?

To this end, the nuclear Solution since the beginning of July 2018 on the Philippine platform Token Hub Exchange. There is only the first issue was not, also the reciprocal exchange is enabled on Token Hub. The storage of the Eternal Token in the normal Eternal Wallet is to date not possible. As an Ethereum-based currency is the XET can be stored easily on MyEtherWallet and similar services. The regular exchange of XET in Eternal Coin can’t be worth it solely because of the dividend payments. Also, the operator XEC-users hedge against the risks of theft, Hacking, and problems as a result of a systemic error – this is primarily due to the special structure of the Eternal Wallet, which makes transactions traceable. The XET is repealed in a “cold wallet” but also very safe.

Basically, Token and Coin are Eternal so are two sides of the same coin, which have certain points of contact, but also some differences. The Token is listed currently (beginning of October 2018) at just below 1.90 US dollars. The market capitalization is around 113,6 million dollars.

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